Contos e Lendas: your Email has won 4,500,000 euro


Dear Beneficiary,
We are pleased to inform you that your Email has won ?4,500,000 (Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Euros) in the ongoing World Email Providers Network 2017 International Email raffle, which is fully based on electronic selection of the award winners with their Email addresses worldwide.
You are approved to receive a lump sum payment of ?4,500.000 (Four million five hundred thousand euros) in cash credit file, file no: ILP / HW47509 / 15. As long as you have an Email account registered with a verified email prover, you will automatically qualify for the withdrawal, and your Email address has been recorded in our database.

All winners were selected by a computer system of 900 million email addresses around the world, as part of our international promotional program, which is annually conducted in promoting Electronic mail as the better method of exchanging digital messages between computer users, providing interconnectivity between one email provider to another.

To begin your lottery claims, please contact your agent, Mr Anthony Campbell ( TheForeign Service Manager, EURO MARKET SEGUROS S.L,)
TELNє: +34 -634-041-642
FAXNє: +34 917-692-801

Please reconfirm the below information for the approval of your payments;


First Name:
Mobile Phone Number:
Payment option (select 1 or 2):
(1.) Online bank transfer
(2.) Visit our Payment Office in Spain

We encourage all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize is released to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid duplication and unjustified taking advantage of this program. Notice! All prizes must be claimed on or before July 5th, 2017, otherwise all funds will be returned as undeliverable and donated to charitable organizations.

Best regards,
Mr. Oliver Allen(World Email Providers Network)(Madrid-Spain)